Online Gurukul - हमारा उद्देश्य शिक्षित पूरा देश

About Us


Education is for everyone and we believe that no one should remain untouched with this most important thing in life. In our country most of the population is comfortable in talking or understanding our national language Hindi, although they are sending their kids to English Medium Schools or Colleges but even for students understanding the entire content in English is not that easy. Our motive is to spread knowledge as much as possible and that too in our mother tongue “HINDI”.



Make India educated and skilled .



All of us are well aware with the current pandemic situation due to corona virus, which has diverted us towards the online learning platform. Most of us have enrolled us for some courses available online but the biggest challenge people are facing is the language and higher price. There is a lot of good content available on so many online platforms but if we are not able to get maximum out of it just because we are not familiar with language in which the course is available then it is of no use. Another challenge is the higher charges to get a certificate course done, as we know that people are not getting salaries or getting a small portion of it so everyone is not capable of doing such courses. So this idea came to our mind that we should launch an Indian online learning platform where people can develop their skills at a very reasonable investment, this is how Online Gurukul is born.



Archit Yadav, Founder and CEO of Online Gurukul , has more than 15 years of experience in education industry. He has four PG Degrees in different subjects such as MBA in Marketing, PG diploma in Human Rights, Masters in Psychology and PG Diploma in Management. He has a vast knowledge and experience in the field of Marketing, Branding, Promotion, Career Seminars, Students and Parents Counselling related to the students career and future. Online Gurukul is another addition to his profile.




Suraj Bharade – Co-Founder & COO. He is an MBA in marketing and have more than  10 years of experience in education industry.

Shreesh Pandey – Marketing Director, He is an MBA in marketing have more  than 7 years of experience in education industry.  

Priyank Jain – IT & Business Development Head. Completed his masters from Delhi University. Have working experience in accounts and finance division. 

Nidhi Yadav – Operations Head, done her masters in Operations & HR from DAVV, Indore. Have working experience of more than 10 years in education industry. 

Satish Yadav – IT Support, BE in CS Branch from RGPV, Bhopal.